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CAPA - Sydney (Internship)
Sydney, Australia (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Fall,
Summer A
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Summer A 2018 03/15/2018
03/15/2018 TBA TBA
Fall 2018 05/11/2018 05/11/2018 TBA TBA
Spring 2019 10/15/2018 10/15/2018 TBA TBA

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Program Advisor: Leslie Johnson
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Courses Available
Internship: Perspectives on Experiential Learning Abroad (SDNY 3006)
This course explores the world of work and how students respond to the challenges that they can expect to encounter. The internship experience is central to this analysis as a benchmark, but a broader perspective will be employed to explore social, political, environmental, and technical influences.
The Aboriginal Experience - An Anthropological View (SDNY 3007)
Anthropology is the study of societies and cultures throughout the world. It describes, analyzes, and accounts for the similarities and differences among human populations. The phenomenon of globalization, including international migration, has given anthropology new relevance. This course looks at trends in contemporary Australian society. A particular emphasis is placed in the study of the struggles of Indigenous peoples.
Art Down Under - from the Dreamtime to the Present (SDNY 3002)
The course provides an insight into the many different works of art that have been produced during the last century and also introduces some of the most controversial works to come out of Australia's Aboriginal and contemporary art worlds. All the major 20th Century art movements are examined in relation to advances in technology, historical events, and sociological changes. Students are encouraged to develop their visual awareness and personal responses to different types of art.
Australian Cinema: Representation and Identity (SDNY 3003)
This course enables students to engage with important issues of personal and collective identity via the study of film. As the students will be in Sydney for the course, special attention is paid to Australian films and identities. Identity is said to be increasingly mediated by the mass media and cinema, so one of the key questions of the class is: to what extent have Australian films reflected or determined Australian identities? The question of what it means to be Australian is broached through the concepts of national identity and the imagined community. Students are encouraged to draw on their own academic and personal experiences.
Australian Government & Politics in the Pacific Rim Context (SDNY 3011)
This course introduces students to the history, concepts and structures of politics and government in Australia. Students will gain knowledge on the debates, disagreements, problems and changes in government and politics "Down Under" especially in relation to the Pacific Rim Region, and will be able to think critically on these issues as well as defend their ideas on them.
Inter-cultural Communication (SDNY 3012)
This course will increase the understanding of basic concepts and principles regarding communication between people from different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds within Australia, including Aboriginal, and immigrant populations. The course will introduce you to theory and research in the area of intercultural communication, and will help you develop this knowledge in understanding and improving human interaction in both the study abroad environment and international contexts. It will develop effective intercultural communication skills for learning abroad in Australia, and focus on a study of the social, structural and historical dimensions of relations between and among racial, ethnic and gender groups in contemporary Australian society. This course is designed to increase student's awareness and appreciation for the complexity of intercultural communication skills in everyday situations. It offers a critical perspective on current theory and research in intercultural communication. The primary objective of the course is to develop cultural relativist attitude.
International Business & Trade - Australia and the Pacific Rim (SDNY 3004)
This course introduces the student to the theoretical analysis of international trade and its implications for international business and globalization in Australia and Pacific Rim neighbors.
Understanding Australia from a Sociological Perspective (SDNY 3008)
This course is designed to engage students in a sociological analysis of peoples, movements and situations related to contemporary issues of change. It offers a comparative perspective of culture and society and analyzes the various constructions of Australian identity. It engages with debates around the notions of ethnicity, gender, migration, crime and the media.