Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Academic Year Budget Sheet for ESCI (Pompeu Fabra).

Academic Year Budget Sheet for ESCI (Pompeu Fabra)

Budget Item Undergraduate
UFIC Application Fee   $400.00
Tuition & Fees - Student pays UF tuition based on residency and hours   $5,080.00
Airfare   $1,500.00
Housing   $8,000.00
Meals   $5,000.00
Health Insurance   $385.00
Visa   $160.00
Books & Supplies   $500.00
Miscellaneous   $3,600.00
Total: $24,625.00
Academic Year 2016-2017.

Tuition is based on Florida resident, 12 credits per semester for a total of 24 credits.

Non-refundable service charge of $400 is due within 7 days of submitting application online.

Deposit should be made payable to "University of Florida" and submitted to the
UF International Center, 170 HUB, PO Box 113225, Gainesville, FL 32611-3225.

Budget does not include personal travel.